Best gadgets for studying

Computer & internet

There are some gadgets that a student simply needs. You have probably read other articles that say you need a Smartphone and a PC, and where that is true, it is like telling a dog owner that he/she needs a dog collar or dog bowl for it to eat its dinner out of. Here are a few other gadgets you could use around college, university and in your dorm.

A Dictaphone or Dictaphone App

Record your ideas quickly and quietly. It is a little faster than writing your ideas down in text, and you can unload a bunch of ideas at one time without worrying about forgetting them because you are writing them too slowly.

A Graphic Calculator Or Graphic Calculator App

You need a scientific calculator, but you may also find a graphic calculator very useful too. If you cannot find a graphic calculator, or if they are too expensive, then there are apps out there that will do the same thing for you. The only trouble is that your professors may not allow you to take your phone into a test/exam.

An External Hard Drive

The excuse that your essay was lost on your PC is not good enough for your professor because your professor knows that cloud storage exists and that you can buy external hard drives for a reasonably good price. Also, if you use an essay writing service such as you may find on the, then it is best that you receive your essay at home and transfer it to a hard drive to bring it into college. Receive it over the campus Wi-Fi, intranet, Internet, or network, and you run the risk of the college/university spying on your transaction.

A Strong And Extra Durable Backpack

If you can afford it, then buy a backpack that is made of durable materials so it can get kicked around a little. Also, there are some that have nylon strings and zippers that are very difficult to snap or cut if you have padlocks on them. In addition, there are also backpacks with technology in them, such as ones with solar panels that charge your Smartphone.

An E-Reader

If you want to read things while you are out and about, then an e-reader may be the right tool for you. Just make sure you pick one that will not break on you after a year, and pick one that has features that allow you to read without straining your eyes. Read many reviews on your e-reader before you commit to buy.

Smartphone Power Pack

This is a power pack that attaches to your phone a little like a thick case. It makes your phone a little bigger, but also extends the battery life. It looks a little like you have a large protective case on your phone, and it may make your phone a little too big. However, you do not need to use it all the time, only times when you know you are going to use it heavily while at the same time be unable to find a place to charge it.

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