Things to Look For When Hiring a Social Media Agency in Singapore

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An agency for social media in Singapore is a special type of advertising firm that specializes in offering social media marketing services to various clients. The increase in demand for social media marketing has seen the rise of various social media agencies not only in Singapore but in the entire world. This has made it a little difficult to identify and differentiate legitimate institutions from less qualified or dubious ones. Below are some of the factors that one should consider when hiring a social media agency in Singapore.

Participation and engagement

Before deciding to invest in any social media agency in Singapore, it is essential to carry out some background research in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the firm. A good agency is one that is highly active in social media through providing relevant content that is appealing and engaging to the audience consistently.

In terms of engagement, one should check out how effective the firm is in terms of interacting with potential customers and the level of feedback they get. For example, one can decide to check out the number of likes and comments a post by a social media agency has. Agencies with a proven track record are likely to provide high-quality services unlike those that are theoretical in nature.


It is important to find out how reliable an agency for social media in Singapore is before deciding to invest your time and money in it. A successful agency is one that is highly reliable in terms of being there for the client always and not just for some period of time. Reliability can also be measured by the ability of members of the agency’s creative team to identify and correct any form of errors before publishing content. To further prove whether an organization is highly reliable or not, you as a potential client can decide to interview previous clients on their relationship with the firm.


Social media marketing which is a form of communication about the products or services offered by a business in order to increase sales can never work well alone. There needs to be integration between other various communication and advertising strategies that can be combined in a way that mutually benefits them all. This makes it crucial for a successful social media agency to have enough knowledge on marketing and other forms of communication that are beyond the social media field.

Specialization vs. generalization

These two factors are highly dependent on the needs of you as a client. The marketing message can either be directed to a general audience or a specific target group in a market. Social media agencies in Singapore might either be specialized or generalized ones. This calls for you as a client to invest in one that perfectly fits your advertising or marketing needs. Companies in need of general social media marketing should invest in generalized social media agencies while those with a specific target group in mind should involve specialized firms.


Content in social media, unlike other formal communication channels like the broadcast media, should be highly credible and able to appeal to the target consumers. It is very evident that social media users avoid like plague content that is filled with facts alone as they consider it to be boring even if it has credible information. When looking out for a good social media agency Singapore, one should select one that has creative members with the ability to popularize and make interesting even the most boring information.

Target audience

Each company, business or institution has its own target audience in mind. This means that the target market group for a particular institution is likely to be very different from another. Factors like age, demographics, occupation, income levels, among others can be used to determine the most effective communication channel and relevant type of message a social media agency can use. It is considered a wise investment move to invest in a social media agency that has the ability to reach your target consumers with ease.

Size of agency

Although this factor is not necessarily essential, it is worth checking out for. Upcoming companies and businesses are often characterized by their small size. This means that most of them are likely to still be in the learning process. As much as we would love to promote upcoming entrepreneurs, it is not advisable to put the future of your well-established business in the hands of “learners.” Bigger and well-developed agencies are likely to have been in the market for longer periods of time hence have enough manpower and highly reliable services.


This is the most important factor that can never be overlooked. Your spending power as a client is likely to dictate the nature and quality of services you will get. The amount charged by most social media agencies in Singapore is highly dependent on various factors. Less dominant firms are likely to charge lower fees while the most developed and highly credible organizations charge higher fees. It is also crucial to select an agency that meets your social marketing needs at a fee that you can comfortably afford.

By using the above-mentioned factors to select an advertising agency, one is likely to get reliable, engaging, affordable and effective services. This will in turn be able to increase sales while promoting the business or brand.

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