Realistic Reasons to Utilize Cloud-based Business Apps

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If you use the Internet, chances are you’ve heard about how the Cloud is making personal and business routines more efficient. In today’s world, efficiency equals more money – especially in the business dynamic. Although many advertisements attempt to talk you into migrating to online applications, not all of them provide a realistic outlook of why you should invest in these services. While it may look good on the computer screen, you may still have doubts as to the Cloud’s validity.

Hardware Costs

When developing an elaborate network for on-site software and applications, the costs can be extremely high. Depending on the type of security you implement, email servers, data storage and other components, these costs can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cloud applications are secured and stored remotely requiring less of a hardware investment for your company. Essentially, an Internet access point and a switch may be all you need at your location for employees to remain productive.

Disaster Recovery

Many areas of the world are plagued with natural disasters. If you’re business is in a location which experiences regular tornadoes, hurricanes or earth quakes, data recovery might be an important investment. As Cloud software is stored and accessed online, you could get back to regular operation of your business quickly even if your facility has been decimated. In the worst-case scenario, you could operate the business right out of your garage while waiting for your building to be repaired.

Regular Updates to Technology

Most Cloud-based applications are updated in real-time. This means they are fixed and managed on the back-end without extra work from yourself or your IT department. If new technology becomes available, the app can be updated immediately without extra downloads or patch installations. With a single update to the app, everyone under your employ can benefit from the changes.

Mobile Integration

Mobile technology allows people to take their work with them where ever they go. Many Cloud apps have this capacity which can prove to be beneficial in emergency situations. For example, accessing important documents while you’re on vacation in other location can be crucial to keeping the business operational. As the information is stored and accessed online, the only things you may need to make these changes are your smartphone and an Internet connection.

Versatility in Computing Devices

As most Cloud apps are universal when it comes to development, many devices and computer systems can access the same data. In the past, software tailored for Windows computer systems couldn’t be operated on a Mac without an emulator. The Cloud removes that restriction by using programming native to the Internet. This also opens the doors to promote a bring-your-own-device platform for employees, which could save the company even more money in computer hardware.

Industry features are some of the most important when considering the right Cloud-based platform for your business. Technology advancements in this area, such as those that could be found through a Google search of the term, “Charles Phillips Infor,” allow for a single application to be the sustaining factor within the company. Before you invest money in hardware and software that may be outdated next year, spend time analyzing what the Cloud could offer you. It may save you a great deal of money over time.

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