8 Qualities of a Great Business Logo


Designing a product or service typically involves one major step: designing a logo. White label logo design services can help you apply a unique and memorable business logo to a variety of products, helping to advertise your company and promoting growth.

There are 8 qualities that make a logo great. Companies that attempt to design their own logos instead of hiring a logo design service will often fail to hit all of these marks.

It’s Unique

White label logo design companies stay in touch with hot new logos that have hit the business market. Their ultimate goal will be to give you something trendy, like monochromatic or square-based logos, in a never-before-seen design.

It’s Memorable

Don’t let your logo be forgotten. People should be able to identify your brand with a simple image. Anyone can recognize logos for brands like Target, Twitter, or Kellogg’s at a glance. The visual clutter of popular logos online and in stores is your competition.

It’s Simple

Logos shouldn’t be too fussy or complicated. Cluttered logos are more difficult to remember or recognize, and they can even look unappealing. Logo designers are professionals at making a simple image communicate a complex business personality.

It’s Appropriate

Imagine if Audi’s logo was on a can of peas. It just wouldn’t look right. Your associations with the brand aside, this company’s logo is highly appropriate for automobiles, and your logo should be appropriate for what products and services you sell.

It’s Compact

Look at the social media icons under any news article and you’ll see how important it is to have a compact logo. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms have compact logos that fit easily at the bottom of a web page. Yours should be similarly easy to embed into a web page.

It’s Difficult to Replicate

Don’t let a competitor steal your business with a similar, misleading logo. US Polo Association, an apparel brand, is frequently confused for Polo by Ralph Lauren. This confusion is part of their business model. If you have a simple, unique logo, you can prevent imitation.

It’s Expressive

Is your brand youthful or old-fashioned? Is your brand all about natural resources or technological advancements? Your brand should express your company’s unique persona with a simple image.

It’s Attractive

Most importantly, your logo should be nice to look at. Ugly logos turn off consumers. Your company logo should be an artistically appealing image that consumers will gravitate toward. A white label logo design service takes your company’s ideas and applies an artistic, experienced touch for a logo that consumers will love.

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