How to Choose a Web Designer for Your Growing Business

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Choosing a web designer is a key ingredient to the success of your growing business. Your web page is your face to the world. It needs to be clean, clear, and easily navigated. Potential customers must click out of your page feeling their questions have been answered and confident that your software will allow them to create the perfect web page.

A quick online search for companies who offer web design and hosting generates well over fifty results. And these are just the top ranked sites. The myriad of business website design options quickly becomes overwhelming. Search for a company who meets all the requirements mapped out below to be sure your marketing is in the right hands.

Domain and Hosting

Choosing a domain name is an art unto itself.  You need a website url that grabs people and is easily memorable. It also needs to be succinct, or people are more likely to make mistakes when entering it into a search engine from memory. But even more that that, it must be unique. The sheer number of domain names across the world wide web makes building, then securing, the perfect one for your business more challenging than ever. Ultimately, your domain name is your online door; when people open it they walk into your virtual store and potentially become a new customer. Be sure the web host you choose will advise you in choosing a name wisely, host your new domain, and maintain it annually.

Build It Yourself

This business is your baby. You created the concept. And now you want to build a site that perfectly matches the vision in your head. However, writing code isn’t your forte. No problem. Quality web design companies offer high-end software that allows you to simply drag and drop, write copy, and do it yourself. The end result looks entirely professional.

Built for You

If your business is growing exponentially, perhaps you have off-shoot web pages you’d like to build, then link to your flagship site. When shopping initially, be sure to pick a company who offers the build it for you service.

Instant Creation

Maybe you prefer a bit of both. The instant creation feature gives you exactly that. Spend a day working with a company representative and by five pm, the two of you will have created the page you are looking for.

Customer Support

It is crucial to choose a web designer who offers 24/7 customer support. The internet never sleeps. Your product is now available to a global market, so while you sleep peacefully in the U.S., someone in Japan may be happily clicking, “buy”, on your web page. Be sure that your customers can access a question and answer technician any time of day.

In many ways choosing the right web design and hosting company is the foundation for your business. Choose wisely and you can look forward to years of growth and profit.

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