What Automated Vertical Storage Systems Can Do for Your Warehouse?


Store More

By adding automated vertical storage systems to your warehouse, you can get back some space. Instead of having to make a new warehouse or making an addition to your present warehouse, add a vertical storage and retrieval system. You might find space that you didn’t know you had, allowing you to better handle your growing inventory. With growing amounts of inventory, you might need more space to accommodate. What makes vertical lift modules stand out is their ability to store multiple aisles. You don’t need to make more space to add more aisles. Instead, put the space you do have to work and store more of your inventory in less space.

Improve Operations

Besides being able to store more inventory, automated vertical storage systems can improve your company’s operations. In some cases, you may no longer need to walk from one end of the warehouse to the next. Instead, you might be able to store various kinds of product within the same system. Automated vertical storage systems can also help improve your workers’ safety and comfort. If your warehouse workers are looking for a change in how they operate, these systems might help make things easier. You might find that your warehouse staff have higher accuracy and better productivity. Utilize this newfound productivity to help your company boost its sales.

Make It Easier

By using vertical storage systems, you can make things easier for your employees. These systems don’t get tired and will be there to help your employees when they start to tire. Without some assistance, having to deal with reaching and bending can be hard on your employees. That’s why vertical storage systems can be so beneficial for your team. By implementing revolutionary changes for your warehouse, you can drastically decrease employee fatigue. With automated vertical storage systems, your employees will no longer need to lift or pick up items from high or low shelves. Your employees will love the new system once they realize how convenient your warehouse has become. Consider making an upgrade today.

What They Are

Automated vertical storage systems are designed to bring what you need directly to you. With the right warehouse set up, your warehouse employees can have the inventory brought right to them. Each system utilizes a series of trays to deliver products. Moreover, the systems take advantage of their height, allowing them to store more product in a small space. Thousands of square feet of traditional storage space can be condensed into one unit. Systems also can store raw materials, helping keep everything in a compact area. Automated vertical storage systems can be built vertically until they’re one inch from the ceilings, helping them take full advantage of the space.

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