The Benefits of a Virtual Office for Employee and Employer


According to several different industry leaders, the remote job marketplace now includes over 3% of the entire US workforce. That does not mean, however, that there is no need for office space for these individuals. Often, working from home leads to lack of productivity.   One option is to work remotely via a virtual office. If you are considering working remotely, here is why the virtual office in Houston might be the solution for you and your employer or clients.

Commute Time

A virtual office in Houston cannot beat the commute time from your bedroom to a home-office. If a home-office, however, is not possible or a good option, a virtual office is generally quicker than a regular commute to a home office or traditional business setting. This is particularly true if you live in the city but work in the suburbs.

More Time Working

Generally, employees who utilize a virtual office are more productive than employees who work from home or who work in a traditional office setting. The reason for this is that the virtual office is a very specific environment, with very few distractions. The lack of distraction helps focus employees and will lead to greater production and better use of time.

Less Overhead and Administration Costs

A Houston virtual office will cost significantly less in the aggregate over a traditional style office. There are no lease, utility payments, hardware, security or other traditional payments that businesses routinely maintain in a traditional office setting. Because of the shared cost concept of a virtual office complex, payments for all of the above are covered in a general fee and distributed across all users of the virtual office.

Technology Benefits

One significant but necessary cost in a traditional office setting is the maintenance of technology, specifically an unwieldy network with both internal and external access nodes. Even if they work for a larger company, the only technology costs associated with that employee are related to remote access. That alone is a significant cost saving for a business as it eliminates or reduces network maintenance and updating costs. Additionally, employees can use the technology they prefer, which makes for happier workers.

Working remotely or as a freelance employee is a trend that is growing and has been now for several years. The benefits of working in a virtual office in Houston, for example, are available to both the user of the virtual office and the company they work for.

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