2 Ways to Save on Your Next Project


Whether you’re a Pinterest pinner, or you just love trying new thing, completing a project gives you a sense of fulfillment and joy. For many, crafting, sewing, and creating is a way to make ends meet. However, all of these things can be very expensive if you’re not careful. While many have learned how to cut corners on purchasing supplies, creating items in bulk can still cost quite a bit of money.

Although it’s important to spend money in order to make money, you don’t have to go broke purchasing supplies for your next project (no matter how big or small). Check out these two ways to save money on projects of all shapes and sizes.

1. Buy Online

While you may find that many fabric and craft stores have major sales (especially around the holidays), you still have the opportunity to find better sales online. Additionally, resale sites on the Internet give you the ability to barter with sellers and get better prices on the fabrics and supplies you want for your projects. However, if you choose to buy supplies from resale and auction sites, always review the credibility of your sellers. Make sure that you have trustworthy sellers who deliver exactly what you want purchased. Not only are these sites excellent for saving you some money, they’re great for coming up with ideas for your next project.

The only drawback to buying online is the fact that you may encounter shipping charges. However, most sites have free shipping after you purchase a certain amount, and you can always negotiate with sellers on resale sites to get free shipping or reduce the price enough to still save money even with shipping charges.

2. Buy Wholesale

Buying wholesale isn’t for everybody; however, if you have the storage space, or you know that you will use the bulk supplies, this is a great way to save money on what you need to complete your project. Nearly every supply you can think of can be purchased wholesale, it isn’t just limited to consumable supplies. For example, purchasing neoprene fabric wholesale will give you the opportunity to create amazing projects. If you have the storage space for wholesale items, you will find that you save much more money, and you reorder less and less.

When it comes to creating, you want your projects to be perfect, but you also want to avoid breaking the bank when purchasing your supplies. Buying online and finding wholesale supplies will give you more peace of mind. Learn more about how to buy everything from thread to neoprene fabric wholesale before you start your projects.

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