What Are The Trends Related To Driving Blockchain Forward


Blockchain is becoming an established enterprise technology. Before reaching to its full potential, there are several emerging and recognized trends related to blockchain that is gaining a lot of traction at the present moment. There are several new capabilities and technologies that are emerging daily, and fresh demands in job sector to develop these new technologies. Here we are going to tell you some of the common themes for blockchain firms.

For Printing

Three-dimensional printing industry has recently revealed an incorporation of blockchain technology. Blockchain consulting companies via this technology provide middleware to stabilize an unreliable distributed network that is gaining popularity and momentum in major industries. This is a major type of product enhancement that allows enterprises to identify data provenance, apply data governance and ensure data validation as well as data auditability. The file traceability and integrity that blockchain offers is of a big priority for AM processes.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are essential components of any blockchain transaction. They are hard to write and need a skilled professional to perform the task. With lesser availability of trained blockchain professionals, the entire expense of recruiting a blockchain developer can’t be borne by an aspiring startup firm.

There are several issues that have prohibited blockchain technology from reaching its ultimate potential as a disruptive force of the future. Organizations are brainstorming ways to maximize its potential. They have come up with ways to overcome their shortcomings. This software allows anyone to draft a smart contract through language translation done by a machine training algorithm. This algorithm is based on language constructs that are provided by a worldwide community of developers.

Beyond Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first and highly popular use case of blockchain. Cryptocurrency like bitcoin is merely one application of it. It is used in voting, shipping, food safety and several among other industries and fields. Major companies such as IBM, Walmart, and Amazon will all be experimenting with blockchain. The underlying technology of blockchain will succeed and will be highly adopted, even if cryptocurrency fails to capture the market.

Supply chain

According to a research, in the year 2017 blockchain-based projects in bulk came out and made immense noise. A lot of them remained pilot programs or proof of concepts and thus did not shed light on the way this new technology will work and why it yielded that much amount of money. The development of blockchain is in early stages at this moment and not ready for any commercial implementation on large-scale.

Cryptocurrency has led to the success of blockchain implementation. After this technology, firms that are very much focused on supply chain with several intermediaries will be the ones who will get benefitted by this technology. It implies complete transparency of each and every transaction that results its universal adoption in the later years. It aids businesses to track the product movement, reduce the risks related to fraud and costs associated with it.


As financing methods start to shift and investors look for the killer application, all of these trends are sure to shape the future of Blockchain technology.

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