Simple Tips to Enhance Travel Pictures with Photo Editing Software


Even veteran photographers find that the good photos they captured and composed don’t appear captivating on the computer. Therefore, it is necessary to edit the photos and deliver best experience. In digital photography, post-processing techniques with photo editing software is equal to darkroom activities where photos were captured on a film.

There are few tools like photo editing software, which can help to enhance the images you feel are not conveying the real story. You will find some programs as a standard editing program but is expensive and complex for many. However, there are user friendly tools available, which help to tweak photos and make them very vibrant.

Simple tips to improve travel photos and deliver best visual impact

Photo editing software and cropping

For many reasons there will be a need to crop an image. For example, publishing in variety of formats and different ratios. Moreover, there are some quick shots, which get cut or things get shot right at edges. This makes the photo feel fitted without any breathing space. Cropping is simple, just select crop tool and area that you desire to keep. Apply changes and your new image is ready. An image can be cropped from rectangular to square shape.


Sometimes getting too caught in a moment, compositional rule regarding the horizon line level gets overlooked. For example, balancing camera on pier edge can disturb the level. This gets noticed clearly, especially when there is a defined horizon line like the see. Fortunately, photo editing software helps to level them easily.

On clicking the level tool, a grid appears. This will help to align the picture correctly. It takes a few seconds to get more visually pleasing picture. You can also check the software tutorial at to learn more about the photo editing software.

Fix shadows & highlights and use for this a photo editing software

At times, part of picture captured may end up brighter or darker than what you desired. Dark areas are shadows and bright ones are highlights. These can be fixed by changing brightness of highlights and shadow areas employing the ‘Highlight’ and ‘Shadow’ photo editing software. On TIF files this tool works very well because more information regarding the dark and brighter zone is retained in comparison to JPG files [most information is discarded to compress file size].

Shadow & highlight tweak is helpful in variety of scenarios to balance image. Overexposed bright areas are tuned down, while shadows are boosted. Make sure the tweak is light because increasing brightness of shadows a lot can cause noise exposure that may look unnaturally purple or green.

Adjust contrast

Contrast means emphasize the difference between dark and light zones of the picture. Increasing image contrast dramatically enhances visual impact because the boundaries between dark and light parts look clear.

Photo editing software vignetting

It is all about making a section of a picture lighter or darker than the other. It is done to make the main subject in the picture appear clearer. Vignette tool is best for portrait editing.

Alter colors

Photo editing software allows to adjust colors in many warms ranging from overall warmth to individually adjusting the saturation and hue of specific colors within an image. Saturation tool allows to adjust image color very fast. Every color gets changed. You can even de-saturate an image making it B&W. Oversaturation can make the photo look very unnatural. Desaturation is effective and B&W is excellent for portraits, landscape scenes, and architecture. Find a decent balance!

Instead of picking a photo on random and posting it on Instagram, use the above tips in your post-processing and enhance the travel picture that reveals a true story.

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