Can I Recover My Files Without Paying Ransom After A Bad Rabbit Attack?

Computer & internet

2017 remained quite a tough year for cyber security experts. Nowadays hardly anything is secure from malicious programs. Number of data breaches is increasing at an alarming task. Bad Rabbit Malware was first spotted on October 24, 2017. After WannaCry and NotPetya, this was the third big malware attack in 2017. It falls into the […]

What to Expect During Your Generator Installation


At a moment’s notice, a home can lose power due to harsh weather, short circuits, and blackouts among many other causes. In these sort of emergencies, preparedness is critical. For many homeowners, this includes installing an automatic standby generator. Doing so can provide you with peace of mind during an emergency scenario. When undertaking a […]

How a Virtual Office Can Benefit Small Businesses


Provide a Professional Appearance Virtual offices are popular with small business owners and entrepreneurs because it enhances their professional image without costing a fortune. A virtual office provides your company with a phone number and mailing address, which will help establish it as a real business that clients can trust. It’s especially helpful at drawing […]

How Sales Performance Management Software Can Help Your Business


Large and small businesses alike always have a lot of information to keep track of, from sales information to office workflow. Without some system of organization in place, it can be a real hassle to look up and compile the relevant information when you’re ready to use it. One of the most efficient ways of […]